Teaching and Masterclasses


Education is the number one job of any musician. I have been so fortunate in my life not only to have a supportive family, but a list of teachers who have helped to lift me up to the place I am today.  Finding ways to educate that are engaging and fun is my number one goal.  If you are looking to learn a new instrument, develop pre-existing skills, or engage a large group of students I offer a wide range of services suited to many different needs.

I offer both harp and piano lessons to students of all levels.

School Outreach

Interested in bringing harp into your pubic or private school music class?  I offer presentations for student groups of any size that focus on the harp, musical skills, life skills, social skills, cooperation, creativity, and confidence.

Master Classes

I offer fun and engaging master classes to students of all levels.  If your AHS Chapter, school, or private studio is looking to challenge its students with a new voice with ideas and techniques rooted in the teachings of master harpists contact me for details!

For more information on my private harp studio please visit the Miami Harp Academy Website