Solo and Chamber recitals

I have performed solo and chamber recitals throughout the continental United States, and pride myself in creating interesting and engaging programs that communicate and entertain audiences. 


The world of solo harp repertoire is a vast sea of beauty.  Even if you know nothing about the harp I can design a program around the specific wants and needs of your festival, institution, or concert series.  I am widely experienced in performing music of all styles and always aim to educate audiences in a way that allows the music performed to be enjoyed in unexpected ways.  Audiences will enjoy an insiders view of the harp world as I explain the significance of specific works, their context in the larger world of music, and my interpretation of the music.

Solo recital fees begin at $600.


To create music with another person is to truly know them.  I have had the great honor of knowing some truly spectacular musicians over the years, and through them I have gained a uniquely engaged perspective on chamber music.

My primary chamber ensemble, Kontra Duo, with my partner Dannel Espinoza is the project that I am most proud of.  We know each other so well at this point that the music that flows through our ensemble feels effortless and light while still maintaining a forward energy and driving power.  Harp and saxophone may seem like an unusual ensemble, and it is.  But, I truly hit the jackpot when it comes to saxophonists.  Dannel is a uniquely skilled musician, whose brain works far beyond the simple notes on a page to create an entire tonal concept to the music he performs.  We have been capturing the imaginations of audiences for over 6 years and are constantly working to build new and exciting programs to present to our ever growing fan base.

Chamber recital fees start at $800.