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I strive to make sure each of my clients feels the personal connection and commitment to my services for them.

Along with unlimited access to me via email and phone I am also happy to meet with you in person either for a one on one meeting away from my studio without the harp, or at my private studio in Biscayne Park, FL for no additional fee.

Have a few questions?

Don't worry!  Listed below are some of the most frequent questions I am asked by clients.  If you don't see the answer to your question below, please contact me directly and I will return with an answer ASAP!

  • Why do you charge more than some of your local colleagues?
    • We all set our own rates.  My rates have been created based on my own costs, my level of experience, and what I believe I bring to the table for a client.  Charging a higher rate allows me to be more picky with the work I take, keeping my schedule such that I can provide each of my clients the personal experience they deserve! I also spend a great deal of time building and maintaining my gig book with the most modern music.  Almost all of my music is arranged by myself and can't be heard performed by any other harpist!
  • Will the harp be loud enough for my event?
    • I pride myself in my huge sound (more often than not they are asking me to play softer, not louder at the Biltmore) that can fill up almost any space.  With that said, cocktail parties, and other events with more than 100 guests can become a challenge.  I provide amplification services for all events where I deem it to be necessary.
  • How much room will you need?
    • The harp is a large and fragile instrument.  Ideally there should be an about 3x4 foot area available for the harp - this area should be free of foot traffic, or enough out of the way that the harp isn't in the way, and doesn't run the risk of being damaged.
  • Do you perform for outdoor events?
    • Yes!  But with a few caveats.  If the weather is crummy - rain - unfortunately it isn't possible for me to bring my instrument outside.  For all outdoor events in South Florida I highly suggest that my clients find a backup venue in the event of rain.  Unfortunately this is a non-negotiable need for the safety of my instrument - which means that even if it is the middle of your outdoor wedding ceremony, if it starts to rain, I will pack up my instrument and insure it's safety.
      • BEACH WEDDINGS: I am more than happy to perform for beach weddings!!  For these events I have a small electric harp that I bring with me.  The full size harps are never brought out on sand.
  • Do you play popular music?  Jazz?  Can I request specific songs?
    • Yes, yes, and yes!!  I am constantly updating my repertoire with the most modern popular music as well as music from virtually every genre imaginable.  I create all of my own arrangements of popular music, so you can be assured that there is no where else in the world that this music is being heard in this way.  If there is a special song, or two that you would love to hear for your event, be sure to let me know at least 2 weeks prior and I will gladly create a custom arrangement just for you!



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