Kristina Finch, harpist
Kristina Finch, harpist
A preeminent, emerging artist based in South Florida

Find examples of Kristina's playing below as well as a PDF of her complete repertoire.  Kristina's repertoire is constantly growing and she is always happy to take special requests for anything that isn't already in her gig book. Can't find what you are looking for?  Please fill out the music request form below and Kristina will get back to you as soon as possible!

Porch Performances are live recordings of classical music performed on front porches in South Florida. Performed by Kristina Finch ( Learn more about this performance: If you would like your porch featured in an upcoming video please send us an email!
Performed by Kristina Finch Arrangement by Kim Robertson
Performed in Ciminelli Formal Lounge, Eastman School of Music by harpist Kristina Finch Listen on a good sound system or on headphones, there are lots of soft nuance moments that are easy to miss!!!
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